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~ Saturday, September 10 ~

The New BBC Sherlock Spin-Off To Be Aimed At A Yonger Audience

The new BBC Sherlock spin-off titled “Sherlock’s Clues” and slated to air in December 2012, focuses less on the crimes, and more on Sherlock’s and John’s friendship.

While the BBC’s riveting drama may be on a temporary break, the show’s popularity is still at a high. In an interview with the show’s creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Moffat comments, “People are still really in love with the show. We are still constantly getting letters from fans asking us when the show is gonna come back.”

"People are always tweeting me telling me how much they love the show and how much they miss it. The fandom definitely hasn’t died down," Gatiss adds.

Moffat nods, “Martin even showed us this website called Tumblr and that was certainly- ah… enlightening.” He laughs uncomfortably.

Eager to move on to the topic of the announcement of the series’ spin-off and away from the memories of the depraved site where the fangirls parade their disconcerting obsession with the stars of the show, they give us a general idea of the show’s premise. 

"It’s basically going to be a show for young children, as a way to introduce them to the subject of Sherlock Holmes," Moffat explains. "We feel that the characters of Holmes and Watson really are timeless. You’re never too young to start enjoying their adventures."

They then go on to describe the show’s main character, John Watson, a middle-aged man who lives by himself in the country with only his talking, verbally-abusive dog, Sherlock, for company.  In order to keep Sherlock from getting bored, Watson will have to solve mysteries. 

Because the entire show, save for the actors, will be animated, Moffat and Gatiss will have the exciting opportunity to yet again re-imagine the classic cases of Arthur Conan Doyle’s works, this time in a cute and child friendly manner. But this time, the sleuthing won’t be left entirely in the hands of the world’s only consulting detective. 

"We wanted to encourage children to build their problem solving skills, so we’ve inserted into the show these long, drawn out pauses, where the viewer will have the oppurtunity to fund the clue, and then shout it at their television set when they see it," Gatiss says. Because of course, communication is the most important part of any relationship and every parent knows that it is important for children to have a good, honest relationship with their television set. "Of course, they won’t be left entirely on their own. Sherlock will place a blue, pawprint-shaped nicotine patch on all important clues."

When asked if other characters from the original show will make an appearance, it was confirmed that Lestrade and Donovan would come in at some point as a pair of salt and pepper shakers, along with their illegitimate, unholy spawn, Anderson the paprika jar. Moriarty will also make a cameo as Watson’s brother.

Sherlock's Clues - Watson and Moriarty "We just got a text message, we just got a text message, we just got a text message! I wonder who it’s from?"

Moffat and Gatiss both stressed, however, that the most important aspect of the show was not the crimes, but the friendship between Holmes and Watson. “We think it’s going to be a really great, really emotional show, and we just hope that everyone enjoys it.” 

((This all started because John’s striped shirt reminded me of the guy from Blue’s Clues))

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